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Image by Anna Vaschenko


Generative art + experimental music,

Live coded audiovisual performances

LOCATION                         DATE

Murate                                            25.02.2022

Generative art, live coding &
experimental improvisations
@Murate Caffé Letterario


We were back at Le Murate Caffé Letterario for another thrilling pop up involving art, technology, and hybrid experimentations between analog and digital production. 

A super differentiated group crossing Italy from North to South, and  a special guess from Chile created an immersive audiovisual live show making use of different tools and softwares.

Thanks for the performances to:

Genbs (generative visuals - Hydra)

Florr (experimental improvisation - voice + guitar)

Endo (live coding - Tidal Cycles)

Contraddizione (live set - live coded music + visuals)


Check them out in our ARTISTS section and keep following them!

Thanks for the aftermovie and photos of the event to Giulio Milaneschi.

Still wondering what live coding is..?

If you're still wondering - and if you are follow us  more - live coding is a performative art based on music and/or visuals generated through the interactive writing of a programming code.

During a musical performance, the artist writes the source code live in the form of algorithms and, once the algorithm is completed, it is decoded by the machine in the form of sound.

The algorithms are usually projected into the room and/or accompanied by coded visuals, so as to create an immersive environment for the audience to dance to the rhythm of the generated sounds.

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