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Live coded audiovisual performances

LOCATION                         DATE

Fermino                                         29.12.2022

Live Coding performances @Fermino


Florence welcomed one of the most unique and avant-gardiste forms of contemporary art and music for our launch event.

A group of talented live coders combines tech, art and music to create an immersive live show accompanied by a high-tech aperitivo offer.

Live coding is a performative art based on music and/or visuals generated through the interactive writing of a programming code.

During a musical performance, the artist writes the source code live in the form of algorithms and, once the algorithm is completed, it is decoded by the machine in the form of sound.

The algorithms are usually projected into the room and/or accompanied by coded visuals, so as to create an immersive environment for the audience to dance to the rhythm of the generated sounds.



















Irene began her artistic practice in 2014 when her curiosity for the different forms of representation led her to explore the most varied creative processes, going from collage to design, from video to music, finally arriving in the audiovisual world where today she's called ALTAMAREA.

The body (her body), is the starting point of her work, the point of convergence between music and performance. With it she goes through the reality of the world and at the same time through the virtual reality.


Performance, music, virtual reality are therefore the triad that forge the work of ALTAMAREA. Her body acts as the engine of creation which, through live coding, allows the discovery of spatial and sound perception, of the performative action he performs with his work. An instantaneous work, which is presented live at the very moment of its creation.
The immediacy opens up a threshold of new possibilities for the viewer, as she finds herself in a world set according to the artist's feelings and thoughts in real time.

Through this process, the viewer can enter the artist's way of thinking and feeling, conversing intimately with her creation which can come to life in form of sound, visual, sensation and music, in real and virtual space.

You can find her @highfructosecornsirep


Codie is a duo formed by Kate Sicchio and Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo.

This fantastic duo brings live coding around the world creating live audio/visual sets in algoraves or other electronic music events.

As live coders, both Kate and Sarah create their visuals and sounds through improvisation and project their codes as part of their live performance so the audience can see the code change as the show unfolds. Kate and Sarah also play together but do not "sync" their audio and visuals with technology. Instead, they use the same bpm allowing polyrhythms to emerge for the viewer, simply through their own making of mental connections.

Codie's focus is on the interaction of sound and visuals, with Sarah dedicated to the visual part and Kate to the sound. Sarah works with her own La Habra programming language and interweaving analog video synthesizers to push the aesthetic beyond digital into fuzzy.
Kate, on the other hand, layers samples and synthesizers and thus explores the resulting loop.

You can find them @hi_codie 









Paduan by birth, Luisa grew up in Pennsylvania and studied classical flute and composition at Mannes in New York City.

There, she begins to approach live coding thanks to an introductory course about supercollider, a developing environment and a programming language for real-time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition.

So, she decides to continue exploring this new approach to music and begins her own musical production during the lockdown, when she moves to a farm and gives free rein to his creativity.

Through supercollider Luisa encodes both music and visuals:

“I like to build a structure of channels, loopers, effects, etc, and map commands to midi controllers. Within this larger structure, I usually use samples of previous recordings or record live samples during a performance and use granular synthesis to make interesting textures. I also live code sequences using the samples to make patterns and rhythms. I also enjoy building my own effects to process my sounds and sequencing various elements of the effects.”

Supercollider allows her to create any kind of setup or sound structure she wants, and as she says there is never an end to learning this acoustic and visual research.

Today Luisa had the opportunity to perform in various places, such as New York City, Pennsylvania, San Francisco and Vermont.

You can find her @luisa__mei 








My music, essentially, comes from nature. I started approaching electronic music from vaporwave, then ending up passionate about everything that is "sample based", finally arriving at naturewave and ambient.

Live coding came later.

I started experimenting with friends, trying, time after time, to see how far we could push our music. In reality, live coding is at the antipodes of what I have always tried to convey with my production; ambient that is no longer ambient, percussive bases closer to genres such as techno and glitch, totally deconstructed and decontextualized sounds, sometimes even field recordings transformed into glitches etc.
Live coding is a bit like the "dark side" of my music".

You can find him @andrea.warrior


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